The start to our final term of undergrad – let’s do this!

Just before we broke up for our mid-term break, each group gave a short presentation to share where we all stand with our projects. Besides our usual supervisors, Anja Venter and Bhavana Harrilal, Dr. Martha Evans (Senior Lecturer in Media Studies and -Production) and Ron Irwin (Lecturer in Media Studies and -production) also sat in to find out how we were all doing.

Soninke and myself prepared a short powerpoint to highlight some key points of our progress.

Dr. Martha Evans gave some useful insight in regards to making the titles of our articles more “sexier” and we have subsequently been altering our articles to make them more appealing.

Furthermore Anja Venter provided a suggestion that “the final thing that will make or break the final form of the project is the two line summary on the landing page of the site that tells us what the site is about.”

Since the presentation and receiving this advice, we have gotten to work on a solution. We have have tested our theme and unfortunately discovered that it restricts us in allowing us in putting text in the header. So as a solution, we have created 3 aesthetically pleasing sections in the footer; one section provides information on the project, another will give host to a video that Soninke and myself will introduce ourselves in and the third section will contain social media icons. This is how it currently looks (the text in the “About the Project” section is still under revision and the video is just a placeholder for now).


We are also currently finalizing what rich media to use for each article and preparing to get stuck into video editing in the coming week! We’ll share our progress in this regard in our next blogpost!


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