Stop and Go Motion Video

With the Friday 23rd September deadline looming, Claudia and I set up a roadmap to execute all the work we still needed to do for the week ahead. The focus would be on ensuring our rich media was done first, and our written content second.

After interviewing Pierre-Louis Kloppers from CSAG (Climate Systems Analysis Groupt at the University of Cape Town), I had the idea of illustrating the South African climate visually, and the idea of a stop motion video was born. Claudia and I were new to this form of animation, but we were excited about incorporating something different into our site.

On Sunday the big project took place. Claudia created a light-box and set up the station as I prepared and reviewed the script and the materials used. We calculated that the clip would be 3 minutes long, and we want to use 10 frames per second, hence we would need 1800 photographs.

Needless to say that did not happen. We worked all afternoon. Claudia was photographer and I was in charge of the paper cut-outs. It was tedious, but the South African chill mix swinging in the background made it fun.

That being said, we only did manage 500 photographs, but will be able to edit around it.

We experienced another curveball this week.

Protests had started at the University of Cape Town on Friday 16 September on Upper Campus disrupting our website demonstration and feedback session. The alternative was to make our site live in order for our tutors to give feedback.

This is the (general) feedback for The Aqua Project:

  • Work on content and add an introduction section to contextualise the research.
  • To reconsider the titles used on the site to ensure that we give equal voice and standing to all parties included.
  • Ensure that all our rich media is completed and included on the site.

Unfortunately, the university has been closed from 19-23 September, challenging me to find new ways to interview my last three experts on climate change, El Nino and South African farmers.

Fortunately the deadline has been moved until Wednesday 28 September, which will give us enough time to assimilate the content, edit and include all the rich media we want to.



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