Time to Back Up!

So we had a bit of scare yesterday… Soninke called me (Claudia) in a relatively calm manner, “Claudia, where’s our website? I am typing in the URL but nothing is coming up and my internet is working fine.”

I was still in bed when I received this call, and jumped up and got dressed in about 5 minutes flat. I tried to reassure Soninke that everything was fine and immediately got on the phone with our hosting company (Afrihost).

As I was going through this whole process, I kept thinking of how happy Soninke and myself were just two days before – we took this photograph and posted it on Instagram with the caption “It has been one hell of a ride, but @soninkec and myself are nearly at the end of the road of our senior research project! Nearly time to celebrate!” And now, I was worried our whole website had been lost!


My worries were not put at ease after I got off the phone with the helpful support person from Afrihost who said that this was not a normal occurrence and that he had to talk to his supervisor.

About 30min-45min later, I decided to give the call center another call. This time I spoke to another support person, I was trying to explain the whole situation to him and as I checked the website again, it was live! With everything intact! I told the support person that everything was now fine, and thanked him for the moral support.

About 15min later, the first support person (who fixed the problem) gave me a call to explain. Apparently there was something wrong with the server and a bunch of other websites were also affected. I told him that one thing that I’ve taken away from this experience is that I need to back up our website NOW! He then emailed me the link to this youtube clip that explains the use of the trusty Filezilla!


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